Sic 'em

All tracks written, produced, engineered by Decibel [Copyright 2017]

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2. Takin' Over

Run for your life, this dude's come for a fight.
Hell-bent on killin' rappers, get another delight.
Am I livin' up to the hype? Shit, when I'm done with the cyph
They throwin' bills at me like It's A Wonderful Life.
I'm that stranger you don't talk to, take you mother's advice.
Turnin' slick-spittin' rappers into stutterin' types.
Yo, we nothin' alike - me and these Simons that sounds simple,
I've been fire emoji since hashtags were pound symbols.
Been smackin' grills since before I lost a baby tooth,
Throwin' crazy dukes, gettin' bitches out their Dasiy Dukes
And their bathing suits. These rappers hate me, true,
But way they fucked the game up I'm just doin' what they made me do.
I got some scores to handle, I got some shit to settle.
Outdo these bums lyrically droppin' instrumentals.
These 90's Nick kid rappers, yo have 'em get assembled.
I'll show 'em with steel who's a Legend at Hittin' Temples.

And if you ain't noticin' here I'm takin' over this year,
Ya hear?

I'm as ill as they come, get cake and I ain't spillin' a crumb.
Hero to most but still a villain to some,
At least the competition, cuz to them I'm Atilla the Hun.
Storm the shores with swords and make the villagers run.
Turn whatever they built to ash, smoke, and rubble piles.
Dopest fuckin' style, frequently fly - double miles.
Dudes be shakin', goin', "Yo, your pal's a spaz."
True enough. Fuck Compton, I be straight outta Alcatraz.
Was born fire, now with rap I found the gas.
Found my knack for fuckin' tappin' girls with old-school Alba ass.
If we did this shit in mistresses, bitch I got a fortune.
Player, slayer. Gettin' more poon than George Cloon.
This ain't even fair, I nuke the game, warhead it.
Cleanup crews on standby - more stretchers, more medics.
Hit up the rhyme shop with 10 grand in store credit.
Any MC left alive with a bed, yo they sure to wet it.


I'm on my shit like Charmin.
Pull a "Here's Johnny" - Nicholson, not Carson.
Old-schoolers put rap on the map, I put it on the Garmin.
Darwin, stay hungry as an apartment of starvin Marvins.
Startin' shit with yours truly, that's a big no-no.
Do so, you get your roll slowed or go the way of the dodo.
Kill rappers pro-bono, spit venom - kimodo.
Fuckin' Yoko on the mic, drop the lines that get the ("Oh no"s/Onos).
I'm on that 90's Bulls/2000's Pats status,
My ass baddest. Style so dope I have to mask it
With Gloria Jean. Small talk bores me to sleep.
That's why I keep it B.I.G. notoriously.
And if you can't already see, I'mma remind you I'm the dictator
Of trends. Think trap's the future? Yo, you better switch flavors
If you ever wanna hit the majors and get some rich neighbors.
Poachin' MCs to endangered cuz, face it, this shit's a banger.


Sample Credits:
Electric Light Orchestra - Nobody's Child
Dr. Dre - Light Speed
Martin Scorcese - The Wolf of Wall Street (film)

12. Smoked Out


I'm back again to haunt y'all.
Screw this crap, what you doing to rap? Thank god that I'm on call.
You bitches dancing like John Wall think you winning this race, well you Ron Paul.
Yo, someone get the cops involved. I got you ducking wrenches like Dodgeball.
So my advice, if you like your life, maybe go invest in a hardhat.
Covered in liquor like a barback, so an altercation, don't start that.
Following Decibel's a hard act - that's even if you aren't wack.
Fuck around, you might lose your life, and the very best you're getting car-jacked.
Wanted level: 6 Stars. Healthy flow, sick bars.
I keep asses close, and you lost your girl? I'd check wherever them dicks are.
I gross a bill-, Pixar. You maybe get a bill like a tip jar.
Poor man's this or a poor man's that, well that's blowing up on you like a trick cigar.
I'll leave you walloped and your crew demolished. Take that shit and U-Haul it.
I'm ill, dope, nasty, sick, fresh, or whatever these dudes call it.
Rap royalty, on the throne. You applying that shoe polish.
I'm money, dummy, tell your Honey Bunny I'm a bad motherfucker like Jules' wallet.

[You getting smoked out (x3)
And I ain't nothing to joke about.] (x2)

And I wasn't joking 'bout you getting hijacked. Fuck Ray Bans, I need an eye patch.
Step on the grout so your spine cracks and it's over for you as a live act.
I ain't a stick in the mud, man I'll pick up the Buds, come back with like a 5-pack.
Bills stained via dye pack, but I'm still big money like IMAX.
Blockbuster - Mad Max. I don't want to hear no back sass
From some cat whose shit needs laugh tracks and got fans reaching for the nap sacks.
You on the fast track to get your ass whacked. I'm Whitey in this black mass.
Fuck around we'll go NASDAQ and have your stock pointed like half-past.
Hercules, Hercules, this shit's murder in the third degree.
Fuck that, it's a murder spree. Call the law, cuz we got and emergency.
Human thermostat since I learned to rap, upshifting that Mercury. 
Told my dad save it with the birds and the bees, I've been on tits since that nursery.
Yeah, Decibel's serving up humble pie.
Turn your Mazda dreams to a Honda lease and them mansion goals to a double-wide.
And if you lost your jewels in that craps game, well then fuck it man run the die.
You don't want more of me, that's horror, G. I got authority you can't undermine.


Rap prez, two terms. Strapped with techs, I need a slew of urns.
It's like a crash test when I duke nerds. Beat your ass red and hide the Lubriderm.
And I ain't too concerned with these sloppy Joes that got choppy flows and try to knock me, though.
Drop the gloves, we'll go hockey, yo. Keep 'em on, we'll go Rocky, bro.
Yeah, Decibel's in top form, making beats you can't shop for.
I'm Doomsday, start prepping. Don't say that you were not warned.
I grab your girl, we grab some cuffs, we getting freaky like cop porn.
Bust harder than popcorn while your dick be keeping them socks warm.
My crew be like one-deep, but you still getting bagged like lunch meat.
Ever seen a legend in the flesh and bone? Watch me spit, that's front seat.
Two kicks per groin. I'm sirloin, you chuck beef.
Get fans turnt like club beats, matter fact, they turnt like club feet.
Fuck Cheech, Mr. White, pass me some of that blue shit.
I'll even settle for a glue stick, man I'm too dope for that rubric.
Every day it's a new chick. More ass than I know what to do with.
Next to me, man you think you flossing? You can choke to death on a toothpick.

Sample Credit: Sibelius - Violin Concerto in D Minor (as performed by Sarah Chang).