$$$ I'm Money $$$

My latest music video, "I'm Money," was an entry into Trevor Finney's (LMTLSS founder, videographer for Chris Brown, Joyner Lucas, etc.) 40-Minute One-Take Video Contest. I competed against 4 other talented MC's to the contest, the glory, and a free music video to be shot by Trevor. Unfortunately, I did come in second place in the contest with 490 votes (the winner received 512), but my spirits remain high and I'm just gonna keep killing shit - and mostly rappers - going forward. Watch the video anyway, will ya? And, oh yeah... LET'S GOOOOOO.



Available now for streaming and name-your-price download


Watch the official video here

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Who is decibel?

Coming straight outta New Hampshire, rapper/producer Decibel has arrived to finally kill these bullshit rappers you all know and lov.... hate.

No mumbles.

No mercy.

No alibi.

Hide the children and pass the shovel, because Decibel? He's gonna give it to you like DMX and he runs shit like DMC... unh.

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